300 hours YTTC, Goa

Julia Gavin Yoga Goa is delighted to the Lead Trainer on this Yoga Alliance registered 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training in:

Vinyasa Flow and Adjustments, Goa

This 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Vinyasa Flow will run over 4 weeks at Kranti Yoga, Goa with a distance learning project for you to prepare before your arrival.  The course is ideal if you would like to:

  • to develop a dynamic practice of Vinyasa Flow.
  • learn adjustments through the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga.
  • understand the concept of the integrated body, comparing traditional anatomy with contemporary thinking.
  • develop as a Vinyasa Flow Teacher, taking students on an exploration of strength and flexibility to achieve a peak posture.
  • discuss the modern day interpretation of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

This 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa will provide an exploration of strength and flexibility for the integrated body.  In studying the integrated body, it forces us to take an approach of wholeness and totality as we explore physical limitations.  You will learn about ‘myofascial lines’ that run throughout the body, allowing our muscles to function both together and separately.  You will learn how to take a holistic approach to your practice,  comparing traditional anatomy with contemporary thinking and how this applies to yoga. Studies will the Superficial Front, Back and Side Lines; the Superficial Front and Back Arm Lines; the Spiral Lines and how these connections play a crucial role in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga.


The curriculum for the 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course brings together Eastern traditions and contemporary thinking.  It will be presented to you with a structured yet fun approach in Goa.  Further details of the curriculum can be found on the Yoga Alliance website.


The following modules will be covered:

Anatomy and Alignment
The Muscular Skeletal System and its role in the integrated body
Biotensegrity and the integrated body
Mapping of the Myofascial Lines
Exploration of the Myofascial Lines in Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga
MF Release techniques

Practice Morning
Vinyasa Flow to Peak Posture
Full Led or Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga
Pranayana and Meditation
Beach meditation

Practice Afternoon
MF Release Workshops for advanced postures
Functional Movement
Back Bending and Hip Opening Workshops
Gentle Vinyasa Flow
Yin Yoga
Chaturanga, Handstand and Balance Workshops

Vinyasa Flow Teaching Methodology & Practice
Adjust your peers in morning practice
Learn Pyramid Sequencing 
Devise and deliver a Vinyasa Flow Class to achieve a peak posture

Lifestyle and Philosophy
Myofascia as the 6th Sense
An exploration of the mind, body and soul through the ages
A modern day look at Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

2019 Dates in Goa

February 3 – March 3
March 5 – April 2
April 4 – May 2


Prices and Booking Info

What’s included :
300 hours Yoga Teacher Training tuition, maximum 12 guests
Vinyasas Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course materials
28 nights accommodation (single or shared) in The Kranti Yoga Village, Goa
3 nutritious meals per day
Juice, teas, coffee and snacks throughout the day
Use of all resort facilities in Goa

Prices start from 1350 euros.  For details of accommodation options, click here.


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