200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Weekends

in Vinyasa Flow & Yoga Anatomy
28th May to 23rd October 2022

Learn how to teach a 60 minute Vinyasa Flow!!

Yoga Teacher Training Liverpool
  • Wanna delve deeper into your yoga practice?
  • Fancy learning how to teach yoga?
  • Keen to understand what it means to be yogi in 2022?
  • Wanna join the Liverpool Yoga Teacher Community?

This is the course for you!!

This is an ideal way to become a yoga instructor while working, as the yoga course fits around a Monday to Friday working week. The YTTC will take place over a series of 8 weekends with a study plan for the duration of the course. The course is fully registered and compliant with Yoga Alliance regulations. This is an internationally recognised qualification that will allow students to teach internationally. Many students take this course without wanting to become a yoga teacher. The course provides and amazing opportunity to delve deeper into practice and understand the fundamentals of yoga.

Criteria to join the yoga course

This is the first step to becoming a yoga teacher. It is essential that participants are not new to yoga. We will accept levels of physical (and mental) fitness but students must acknowledge that it is a physically demanding and challenging course. It is highly advised that students have been to an Ashtanga practice and are familiar with what Ashtanga Yoga is. Most importantly, students must be prepared to dedicate time to a yoga practice and learning how to teach. The course is presented in a fun and progressive style and students must be prepared to energetically and physically challenged.

The course will be taught by Helen, Julia and Kate.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Liverpool
200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Liverpool

Course Objectives

Ashtanga Yoga – The Practice
This is traditional practice that provides the foundation of modern Vinyasa Flow. It is a set series of postures with focus on the breath, drishti and bandhas.

Teaching Methodology
Students will be guided to devise and deliver a 60 minute Vinyasa Flow. Our teaching team will support you through this journey. Students will learn how to instruct postures, teach varying levels and cater for injury prevention. The module will facilitate finding presence and voice as a yoga teacher.

Pranayama and Introduction to Meditation
This module will provide insight into meditation. We will use a range of techniques that will allow you to still and calm the mind.

Anatomy and Physiology
The module will include:

  • Movement of the hip, shoulder, spine and knee joints
  • Origin and insertion to determine muscle functionality
  • Shoulder and hip stability
  • Posture analysis in detail
  • Common injury prevention

Yoga Philosophy – The Modern Day Yogi

This module will facilitate debate about what makes ‘a good yogi’ in the 21st century. Discussion will refer to The Yoga Sutras alongside some of our modern day philosophers.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Liverpool

Yoga Course Schedule

The course will run alternate weekends with the daily schedule as follows:

7.30 to 10am Morning Practice
10am to 11.30pm Brunch
11.30 to 2.30pm Alignment and Anatomy Workshop
2.30 to 3.30pm Break
3.30 to 6pm Teaching Methodology/Yoga Philosophy

Course Dates

28th & 29th May
18th & 19th June
2nd & 3rd July
16th & 17th July


10th & 11th September
24th & 25th September
8th & 9th October
22nd & 23rd October

You will each be scheduled a bi-monthly tutorial with your Lead Trainer. The course includes time in the studio for you to practice teaching. You will also be invited to classes at Eleven Eleven.


The course will take place in Liverpool city centre at Eleven Eleven Yoga Studio, Cook Street. This is a ‘state of the art’ studio with the best of yoga equipment and facilities. This studio is accessible by Liverpool public transport with city car parks nearby. There is an abundance of coffee shops and cafes nearby for sustinance.



This is payable in four £450 instalments, with payments transferable but not refundable.


For further information, please contact Julia by email. Or you can What’s App on +44 7916 680 248.